Prime Loops Dirty South Xtreme ACiD WAV AiFF Apple Loops REX-KRock

Prime Loops Dirty South Xtreme ACiD WAV AiFF Apple Loops REX-KRock screenshot
Team KRock | September 27 2012 |
The race is on with Dirty South Xtreme, Prime Loops’ latest exclusive addition to an already stunning library of true hardcore Dirty South rhythms and sounds. With your eyes set on the prize – stardom, fame and a milli here, a billi there this is the fuel you need to let your opponents see the rear lights of your ride, be it a Porsche, Maybach or Bugatti.

Bring the Dirty South sound to unknown levels with this whopping sound pack that offers 170 mb of ultra-slow and mega-deep sonic sizzurp: Beats that click like wired crickets, basslines that tear the house down and sounds that create brooding, mighty atmospheres which will push your listeners way back in their luxury leather Recaro car seats.

The entirety of Dirty South Xtreme has been produced, recorded and mastered exclusively for Prime Loops in the line of the most modern trap and Dirty South sound evolution. All tracks, loops and one-shots come to you 100% royalty free. Just push the pedal to the metal and go as fast and far as you want to with these – the horizon’s no limit! Leave your tails in the dust of the sonic mayhem you create with Dirty South Xtreme, you’ll be way ahead of the international production competition.

Whether you just want to lay down some slick beats, add to your sonic foundry or paint epic backdrops in darkest tones to your MC’s storytelling spits: this is the one to take your success to the Xtreme!

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